What Time Of Year Should You Travel to England?

The high travel season in England starts around mid-April and lasts until the end of September. The peak months are the summer months: June, July, and August. That’s when prices go sky-high and the country gets crowds of tourists. Popular visitor destinations like Cambridge of York may offer multiple walking tours a day in the summer and only one a day or just a few a week in the fall and winter.

October to April is the slow season. Prices drop, tourism slows down and many attractions and places of business have shorter open hours.

London is an exception because it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world that attracts visitors all year round.

If you love history and want to visit castles and palaces, you can do that all year round. The benefit of visiting indoor places of interest in the off-season is that you will not have to wait in line to get in or deal with crowds of people when inside. However, do check the business hours to make sure that the places of interest that you want to visit will be open during your stay in town.

Long-distance rail and bus schedules do not change much during different seasons, but local public transportation may have shorter operating hours during slow months.

The weather in England is very unpredictable. No matter what season, you will have problems predicting what the weather is going to be like for the next few hours. Because England is part of an island surrounded by water, it is the surrounding seas that determine its climate and weather. London and the south of the country have a mild climate all year round. Temperatures rarely go below freezing in the winter or get above 25C in the summer. No matter when you come to the country, you may have to deal with drizzly and windy weather or experience dry and hot periods.