Exploring Yorkshire and the City of York

Yorkshire is also known as the County of York. It is the largest county in the United Kingdom. The emblem of the county is a white rose.

Yorkshire consists of several regions. The northern part of the area is North East England. Areas to the west are North West England.

Yorkshire is an area of great contrasts. It has some of the most dramatic and tranquil landscapes in the country. In the nineteenth century, the area was an industrial powerhouse and today many of its towns and cities serve as grim reminders of its former glory days.

York is the most visited city in Yorkshire. It is located only 195 miles north of London. This means that you can visit Yorkshire during a quick day trip. The city is considered to be the capital of the North. York has a number of industries, including developers of apps with platforms such as www.aquro.com, interesting museums, historic buildings, all kinds of hotels, shopping and restaurants, which is why it is a very popular destination for tourists. York is also a great base for exploring the entire county of Yorkshire.

Out of all medieval walled cities in England, York has preserved best. For this reason, it is a great destination for history lovers who will definitely enjoy its ancient streets and hidden alleyways.

York offers more guided tours than any other city in the country with the exception of London. You can explore York by bus, boat or on foot.

York is small enough for you to walk around by yourself, but a guided tour will take you to parts of the city that you will probably not stumble on your own.

One of the must-see places in the city is York Minster, the biggest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe. The cathedral was completed in 1472. It incorporates a whole range of Gothic styles including Early English, Decorated, and Perpendicular.